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The Non-Mouse Residents of 490

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nine more days [Mar. 12th, 2006|07:34 pm]
The Non-Mouse Residents of 490

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citi kitty [Mar. 11th, 2006|08:47 pm]
The Non-Mouse Residents of 490
kate and I are thinking of buying one of these-


so that we can train the cats to go in the toilet. Will that be really annoying for people?? or will the eventual clean smelling bathroom and lack of cat litter sticking to your feet when you get out of the shower make it all worth while?
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(no subject) [Feb. 23rd, 2006|01:32 pm]
The Non-Mouse Residents of 490
reminder that Micah is crashing on our couch tonight, just be aware when you get up at 3am to burn things Michelle:)

aaand Michelle, I never told you that the place looked great this weekend, excellent cleaning job. My favorite part is the tub being clean. chaaa-ching.
I will follow suite this weekend with my NEW VACUUM! woohoo, anyone can feel free to use the vacuum, its cordeless and has a detachable handle that may be easier than sweeping in some situations, espepcially when we break stuff in the kitchen.

can someone please kick rosco in the face when he cries all night by my door? he fucks up our bedroom at night so we kick him out and then he cries for 5 hours until I let him in. Sorry Steve, its probably just as fun for you to listen to.

last but not least, if my hair straightener sitting out annoys you, its totally ok to shove it under the sink. when I leave in the morning its too hot to put it away and then I work until times like MIDNIGHT and never even get a chance to put it away. Sorry if it causes any annoyance.
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(no subject) [Feb. 17th, 2006|06:07 pm]
The Non-Mouse Residents of 490
Ok, I finally printed this out at work since our damn printer is effed, but here it is in writing. I know I volunteered to go first, but I may not finish it all until tuesday since I'll be gone until monday night. Normally I wouldn't do that.


Once a week a roommate will have the sole responsibility of cleaning the entire apartment (not including bedrooms of course) Chores must include the following:

-Kitchen: wipe/scrub off counter tops, stove, fold out table. Take out trash and recyclables. Sweep floor.

-Living room: basic tidying- clean off coffee table, drafting table, put dvds away, put blankets in hall closet, etc. Wipe down coffee table, dust off surfaces and then sweep (including front hallway and hallway by bathroom).

-Bathroom: clean off counter, clean in and around toilet, wipe off mirror, sweep.

Note #1: Cleaning out the fridge and scrubbing the bathtub will be done on an as needed basis every few weeks.

Note #2: Kitchen does not include dishes because the new house rule is that you must clean your dishes after you use them within a day. Failure to do so will result in serious bumming out of other roommates. If it’s your turn to clean and there are dishes drying, being a chap and put them away.

Note #3: You must do your cleaning on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday or else it’s not fair if you do it a day after someone else cleaned.

Schedule is posted on ugly Seattle Calendar, but basically goes: Kate, Michelle, Mike, Steve. Amy is added at the end when she comes back. If you’re going to be gone on your week, the next person goes, but you’ll go as soon as you get back.
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(no subject) [Feb. 14th, 2006|07:13 pm]
The Non-Mouse Residents of 490
Ok, so here's my idea on the chore list thing:

We'd have a general rule that you MUST do your own dishes at least within a day of putting them in the sink or sitting wherever. If someone notices someones cup out or something, clean it if its not a big deal, but if someone keeps leaving lots of stuff out, its totally ok to bug each about it. It's really the only fair way to go about the whole dishes thing. Like Steve was saying, the best rule is to just clean it after you're done.

I talked to people I work with and the consensus was that a lot of them have this thing where every week someone is in charge of cleaning the entire apartment, sans the dishes. So this is what they'd do:

kitchen- counters, folding table, take out garbage/recyclables, sweep
living room- wipe down table, put stuff away, basic tidyness, dust*, sweep
bathroom- clean off sink, toilet and mirror, the bathtub doesn't really need to be cleaned every time, so we can decide when it needs to be done, sweep.

Now the other option is that we split it up so we each do one of those a week, however, I can't figure out how to split it up into 4 sections. We could make one of the chores be a really simple lame one so that once a week someone has something easy like taking out the garbage or sweeping the whole place. It just seems like having someone do it all at once would be more noticable at once, so that its not like the living room is a disaster but the bathroom is great. If we did do the all at once each week thing, we'd have to designate day where it had to be done so that someone wasn't cleaning everything on sunday and then the next person did it on tuesday. Such as, you'd have to do it fri, sat or sun.

Ok anyway, thoughts?
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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2006|07:41 pm]
The Non-Mouse Residents of 490

hey kate, i think something like a chore list would probably be a good idea. it's hard though since we all (well, i mean i can only speak for myself, but we all seem to) go through periods of cooking a lot and then none at all, and then steve is gone a lot sometimes, etc... so i'm not sure if each one of us doing all the dishes every 4th night would the best way to go about it. but then again, anything more elaborate might be too complicated. i don't know, we should talk about it.

also, STEVE: for whatever reason, you didn't have posting access before. i'm not sure you've ever tried to post, but, uh, now you can!


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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2006|03:09 pm]
The Non-Mouse Residents of 490

has anyone seen my ipod? last time i saw it i think it was either on the drafting table or on the big painted tv.
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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2006|11:41 am]
The Non-Mouse Residents of 490
Um, our check for rent still hasn't been taken out. Did you send in our checks Michelle? This seems like a bad sign.
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2006|07:17 pm]
The Non-Mouse Residents of 490
a few things:

1. our friend Micah needs a place to crash for one night on feb. 23rd, so if its cool he's going to crash here.

2. my mom will be staying here from March 17th-27th. one or two of the nights my mom and I are staying in a hotel in Manhattan and the 24th or 25th we'll all be going to connecticut for the weekend though. The rest of the time she'll just sleep on the air mattress in our room if we can borrow that Ms. Michelle

3. Michelle and I talked about this a while ago, but I was tossing the idea around in my head of us having a chore list. How do you guys feel about this? It's been getting pretty gross lately and it would be so easy if it was done more often. such as every other day (or everyday) someone did all the dishes/kitchen cleaning, someone cleaned the bathroom, the livingroom, took out recycleables and garbage, clean out the fridge etc, etc. Ideas?

that is all, and help youself to the wine on the counter, its taking us ages to drink it and it was free!
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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2006|05:32 am]
The Non-Mouse Residents of 490

i've got bleached out spots on my brand new towel. whoever's green towels those are in the bathroom, they seem to be having the same problem. do you guys think our water is just high in chlorine or something? ...freaky.
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